Cashew Nuts
Strengthen your muscles and bones by consuming a handful of natural and pure cashew nuts every day. Delicious and healthy, offered nuts can be used for preparing mouth-watering paneer butter masala, chicken butter masala and other dishes.
Indian Pulses
Datta Enterprises is a premier destination to discover versatility in a protein rich commodity called pulses. Large number of people in India are vegetarians or vegans and for them the main source of protein is Indian pulses.
Indian Wheat
Get in touch with us if you want to order Indian wheat in bulk. Indians have been consuming this cereal grains for decades. In Indian households, especially in North India, wheat is used for making chapatis, naan and stuffed paratha.
Yellow Maize
If you are looking for a wholesome grain with high nutrition, including protein, fibre and minerals. The dry grain can be ground into maize flour that improves hair and heart health.
Indian Tea
Indian tea is a black tea that can be made easily into iced tea and hot black tea. Indians prefer to add milk to the tea. A number of flavours can be added to the tea by adding more spices, like cardamon, cinnamon and fennel seeds.
Cooking Oil
If you are looking for organic and safe to consume cooking oils, then contact us. The anti-oxidants and vitamins rich oils are safe for frying and sauteing. The shelf life of these oils is up to 12 months, and these must be stored in dark and cool place in air-tight bottles.
Raw Spices
It is important to know that raw spices are not only sources of flavor but also of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. People can hand-grind or machine grind spice powders to get all possible flavors and aromas from whole spices.
Indian Rice
The offered Indian rice is made available by us for use in the various commercial and residential kitchens. The offered rice is very aromatic and has a nice taste. It is suitable for being used in various kinds of cuisines and dishes.
Fresh Vegetable
Our offered vegetables are also utilized for making vegetable dishes, salads, puree and pickles due to their high nutritional values. Besides this, the vegetable is loaded with antioxidants which helps in removing the impurities from the body.
Pure Jaggery
Looking for the best quality and pure jaggery that is free from adulteration, harmful chemicals and other additives? You are at the correct platform. Check out this jaggery which is also used as a substitute of sugar in many dishes. Made hygienically by evaporating sugarcane juice, it is safe for human consumption.

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